Managed Portfolio

Your equity can grow more when invested in the Right Places.

KLA Managed Portfolio Advantages

Have you ever dreamed of having all your investments gathered in one place, managed by a team of experts? Well, dreams exist to come true.

The KLA Managed Portfolio does all the work for you.

See how simple it is to be part of the KLA Managed Portfolio.

Open your account and sign our contract 100% online and without any bureaucracy.

You transfer the money, and we take care of the rest. Track everything at the KLA portal

With the resources of your account, we build the portfolio that suits your goals.

 keep investing and get the benefits of a balanced managed portfolio.

KLAINDEX25: An index Exclusive to KLA customers 

KLAINDEX25 is an index that encompasses the main 25 largest Cryptocurrencies that make up the cryptocurrency market cap. The difference is that we do it in a single investment, meaning that you invest in digital currencies that reflect the entire cryptocurrency market.  It’s simple and easy!

You don’t have to pick one crypto. 

You to choose cryptocurrency as a whole.

Questions about the KLA Managed Portfolio?

A Managed Portfolio is a professional asset management service specializing in asset selection. Aimed at individuals classified as professional investors, the Portfolio is actively managed, seeking diversification, solidity, and profitability.

In addition to professional and specialized management, the Managed Portfolio counts on renowned and careful credit and legal analysis to select the products part of the portfolio.

The contribution is made by debiting a current account or via payment in assets. In this case, it must have been previously approved by KLA.

Professional Investment Management

One of the factors that hinder investors is the lack of knowledge in the financial market.

This is one of the reasons why a managed wallet service is worth pursuing. In this way, there is professional investment management, capable of even taking essential decisions on behalf of the investor.



In a managed portfolio, the investor knows precisely where his money is. Through the reports generated by the manager, he has access to the composition of the portfolio, the operations carried out, the costs involved, and other relevant information.

In addition, investors have the freedom to access their investments directly, viewing all their assets at any time and from anywhere.



A managed portfolio is a service contracted directly by the investor; it is customized according to his objectives.

All allocations are made to achieve the investor’s goals.


Time and Freedom

By relying on a managed portfolio service, investors can have much more time available – and consequently more freedom – to dedicate themselves to issues that are important in their lives, such as:

  • Professional activities
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Hobbies

Are you interested in a Managed Portfolio Service? We are here for you! Count on our expertise and knowledge in the crypto investment market.

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