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Investment funds are not guaranteed by the fund manager, the portfolio manager, any insurance mechanism, or even the Credit Guarantee Fund (FGC). The profitability obtained in the past does not represent a guarantee of future profitability. It is recommended that investors carefully read the prospectus and regulations of each investment fund when investing their funds. Investors must be prepared to accept the risks inherent in the different markets in which the funds operate and, consequently, possible variations in the invested equity. The products and services mentioned herein may not be available in all jurisdictions or to specific categories of investors. Additionally, investor protection laws and regulations of certain jurisdictions/countries may not apply to products and services registered in other jurisdictions/countries, subject to the respectively applicable laws and regulations, in addition to specific contractual provisions.

According to CVM Instruction 558/15, KLA Capital is registered with the CVM in the category “Resource Manager.” KLA is being able to carry out both the activity of investment fund management, being responsible for the management of the assets comprising the fund’s portfolio, as well as the Securities Portfolio Administration, consisting in the professional management of its clients’ funds and / or securities, including the application of funds in the securities market.

KLAINDEX25: An index Exclusive to KLA customers 

KLAINDEX25 is an index that encompasses the main 25 largest Cryptocurrencies that make up the cryptocurrency market cap. The difference is that we do it in a single investment, meaning that you invest in digital currencies that reflect the entire cryptocurrency market.  It’s simple and easy!

You don’t have to pick one crypto. 

You to choose cryptocurrency as a whole.

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